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Combine the emissions of multiple Observables together using RxJava Zip operator in a Spring Boot Micro service

INTRODUCTION Well, today we are going to discuss an advanced RxJava operator called Zip. Use of this Zip operator will definitely improve the performance of your application since it involves asynchronous execution of IO bound tasks such as external API calls over the networks which are really prominent in today's applications.
Prerequisites: Good knowledge of RxJava, Spring Boot, Microservices, Java8 User Level: Advanced

Since this is an advanced article, I am not going to walk you through the basics of RxJava or Spring Boot microservices. If you need to get some basic understanding of RxJava, I thoroughly recommend you to go through one of my previous blog posts [1] [2] or any other good introductory article about RxJava. If you need to learn more about Spring Boot microservices please go through some of the spring tutorials which are really comprehensive  and impressive.

RxJava Zip Operator Combine the emissions of multiple Observables together via a specified function and emit sin…

Calling an exterenal NoSQL database asynchronously from within a Spring Boot microservice using RxJava

Well, it seems RxJava lends me to write lots of blog posts due to it’s immense capabilities and operators. Today I am gonna discuss accessing a NoSQL database from within a Spring Boot microservice asynchronously using the capabilities of RxJava.
Pre-requisites - Having some basic understanding on Java programming, Java 8, Micro services, Spring Boot, NoSQL databases.
If you need to get some idea about RxJava please refer my previous blogpost [1] where I have given some basic introduction to RxJava. If you are more interested in RxJava, I recommend you to read through this book [2].

What is RxJava and Reactive Programming. In Reactive Programming the consumer reacts to the data as it comes in. This is the reason why asynchronous programming is also called reactive programming. Reactive programming allows to propagates event changes to registered observers. [3]
RxJava is a port from Netflix of the Reactive Extensions (Rx) to Java. RxJava was open sourced 2014 and is hosted athttp://reactiv…