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JMS 2.0 Support in WSO2 ESB

Introduction JMS is a messaging API implemented to communicate between two or more java clients using an enterprise messaging system. Java client components can use JMS API to communicate with other distributed Java clients while maintaining a loosely coupled, asynchronous connection. Therefor JMS API is well known and most often used as a message communication methodology.

JMS 1.1 was introduced in 2002 and it remained unchanged until 2013, wherein the JMS 2.0 was introduced. In order to cater for todays message communication requirements, JMS 2.0 address many issues and shortcomings that was there with 1.1. Mainly JMS 2.0 introduces a simplified API in order to reduce the amount of code that needs to be written by the programmer. Even though the code lines are reduced, all the classic API functionalities are still available with JMS 2.0 simplified API. ( with JMS 2.0 programmer can decide which API to use classic or simplified, because both are available with JMS 2.0) But more than th…